USW Local 5000 members work in an environment that by its nature is largely disconnected from many aspects of normal life, including how we communicate amongst each other. In recognition of these challenges, your local union utilizes several channels to keep in touch with our members to share relevant news and updates that you will find interesting or helpful. We use the following outlets to keep in touch: 

Our website is our primary means of sharing information, and we update it as needed when we have information to share. 

mobile app

Download for Android or iPhone
We use our mobile app to share information with our members as well as things like your companies seniority list, collective bargaining agreement, representative listing, contact information, and features that allow members to report unsafe working conditions and contract violations. The app is only available to verified members of USW Local 5000 and is free of charge. 

email newsletters

When we have important information to share, we will often produce an email newsletter and send it to our members with details about a specific issue or event. 

text messaging alerts

At times when we have an important update to share with our members, we will send out an alert via text message with a brief message and a link to view more information about the alert. 

Central Marine Logistics members text 'USW5000CML' to 77820 to opt-in. 
Interlake Steamship Company members text 'USW5000ISS' to 77820 to opt-in. 
Key Lakes, Inc. members text 'USW5000GLF' to 77820 to opt-in. 
Sisco, Inc. members text 'USW5000SISCO' to 77820 to opt-in. 

social media

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram
We use social media channels to share information with our members and the public. We also have a Facebook group, which is a more private online forum exclusively for our members which you can access by clicking here

communications coordinator

Nate Chesebro

The Communications Coordinator is responsible for creating and publishing content, managing communications platforms, and moderating open forums, and acts at the direction of the Local Union Executive Board. The Communications Coordinator also addresses information requests from the general public and media agencies.