For Members

This page contains resources for members of USW Local 5000, which will be updated as new information becomes available or as information changes. 

General Information & Resources

The information in this section applies to all members of USW Local 5000. 

Update your contact information/request membership card

This form allows you to update your contact information with USW Local 5000 and provides the option to order a replacement membership card at no cost. If you request a new membership card, please allow up to four weeks for delivery. Membership cards can only be mailed to your home address (not to the ship). We understand this may cause inconvenience, and should the option to have cards mailed to the ship become available, we will update this tool to allow you to send your new card to an alternate address. CLICK HERE TO UPDATE YOUR CONTACT INFORMATION/REQUEST MEMBERSHIP CARD


As a member of USW Local 5000, you are entitled to several benefits available through our partnership with the AFL-CIO. CLICK HERE TO SEE AND APPLY FOR AVAILABLE BENEFITS


Members of USW Local 5000 and their families are entitled to free college education for Associates and Bachelors degrees through Eastern Gateway Community College and Central State University. An annual scholarship award is also available which can be applied to schooling outside of EGCC and CSU. CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE ABOUT THE FREE COLLEGE BENEFIT

For Maritime Members

The information in this section generally applies only to members who are employed as a mariner and is a member of USW Local 5000. 

TSA PreCheck for twic holders

All mariners are required to possess a valid TWIC card to work as a merchant mariner aboard a Great Lakes freighter, and your TWIC grants you access to TSA Pre-Check lanes in airports across the US. CLICK HERE TO LEARN HOW TO USE PRE-CHECK WITH TWIC